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Is this the End of the World as We Knew It?

Fallout - Todd Strasser

Back in 1962 when President Kennedy was in office, a dispute between the Soviets and the U.S. resulted in a nuclear war, or so it seems to have happened in Fallout by Todd Strasser. Living in an underground shelter challenges the people in this story to overcome obstacles that may hinder their survival. Many thoughts played in the background of my mind as I read this story. How would I react when faced with these circumstances? Why is it typical for so many people, including myself, to prepare ourselves for life changing events only partially? Why don't we think it through so that we are fully prepared? For example, in my neck of the woods, we store up things that we believe we will need when we learn that a hurricane is approaching. Yet, somehow, many of us do not fully prepare for the event when a major hurricane does in fact devastate the area for miles around us. We take so many things for granted. This book will walk you through the lives of two boys, their families, and their neighbors in the happenings before and after their town has been hit by a nuclear bomb.